gdv_types2GDV grams – GDV images (Bio-Well Images

GDV-gram (Bio-Well Imagesis a complex 2-D figure with each pixel characterized by its brightness coded by integer in the range of 0 (“black”) to 255 (“white”).

Geometrical parameters of GDV-images (e.g., the area defined as a sum of pixels exceeding the specified brightness threshold; fractality coefficient defined as relation of the length of the image perimeter to its average radius multiplied by 2Pi, the breadth of streamers) contain the information about the object’s characteristics. For example, with an increase of ion concentration in liquid the glow increases while the streamer breadth decreases. To include such data into the structure of a complex biophysical experiment quantitative processing of the obtained images is required.

See GDV-grams of all 10 fingers divided to sectors. Click with left mouse button on the particular finger allows seeing informational screen.

GDV IMAGES (Bio-Well Images):


GDV grams – GDV images


GDV grams – GDV images

Principle of GDV images formation

Between the object under study and the transparent electrode on which the object is placed the voltage impulses are applied from an electromagnetic field generator. For this purpose there is a transparent current conductive coating layer applied on the other side of the glass electrode. With a high intensity field in the gas medium of the contact space of the object and electrode glass an avalanche or sliding gas discharge is formed whose characteristics are determined by the object’s properties.


GDV grams – GDV images

The GDV optical system and CCD matrix transform the discharge glow into video signals that are registered as single frames (GDV images) or AVI-files in the memory unit connected with the processor that carries out the video frames processing. The processor is a specialized GDV Bio-Well software complex that enables to calculate a whole number of parameters and to produce certain diagnostic conclusions on their basis.

GDV grams – GDV images (Bio-Well Images)


GDV grams – GDV images


GDV grams – GDV images (Bio-Well Images


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